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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fuji Japanese Restaurant


Not everyone in the world loves Sushi. I can sympathize with's raw meat! To some it is a texture others it is just the sight of raw seafood on a plate. It sent shivers down my spine years ago too. I was in your seat years at one grows on ya though! Some might say it eventually becomes an obsession. My Wife and I cant go for very long without going on the hunt for it. Sometimes random scraps of Ahi Tuna or a bit of minced Salmon Belly (while butchering) at work fill the craving...but usually not! We were quite excited and a lil bit nervous about the fact that when we googled Sushi in the Oil Fields...up popped more than one place. We debated the fact there should not be a Sushi joint so far away from an major Ocean...or at least a really freaking big lake with a bounty of Northern Hemisphere fish to which no one has ever tasted. Before we even had a home to live in ... we had our first meal at "Fuji's Japanese Restaurant"....and we return time after time.

 The traditional form of Sushi is actually fermented Fish with Rice. The term actually means "It's Sour"...referring to the fermented Fish. Nowdays it is usually some form of raw or cooked seafood mixed with julienne vegetables or fruits  and sauce wrapped in Nori Seaweed...usually accompanied by pickled Ginger and Wasabi Mustard Paste. Chefs around the world have used Fusion to create a million different rolls. Everything from South West versions to Middle Eastern. The roll fits into any Culture. One of the best my Wife and I have had was in Las Vegas at Chinois (Wolfgang Puck)...we snapped pics of his too.

 Fuji's Japanese Restaurant is owned and managed by Ron Lim. A Chinese Canadian born in Vancouver,BC. He has had the Restaurant on Franklin for the past seven years. Previous to Fuji he was in the lower mainland honing his craft at various establishments.