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Monday, May 17, 2010

A Global Garden moves to a Roof...

So I was off today...
 Decided I had better get the actual garden started on the roof. A 6'3" tall person should not have to venture up dark black stairs with pipes hanging everywhere to get to his garden....I have the goose eggs as proof. But hey...I am just glad work allowed me to build it. So today construction began.

I asked the maintenance and shipping dept to give me a hand...and we hauled all the buckets, plants and soil up to the roof....Sweet!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the help guys....was very appreciated.

 The sun was out....lil fluffy clouds floatin around...couldn't have asked for a better day!! So I moved everything into the area I had decided to grow in. Then went to work sorting out buckets. The way I want it built is to slide one bucket inside the other...the inner bucket is drilled out on the bottom for drainage...and drains into the bottom bucket...the bottom one has on hole drilled a couple inches from the there will never be more than two inches of water in each bucket...the roots can grow down into the actual water for that extra lil feed.