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Monday, June 6, 2011


Still getting cool nights....but the years first greens are beginning to pop out of their buckets!

True North Ranch Rodeo 2011

 This weekend was the Rodeo here in Fort McMurray. So I hit the grounds early to just laze in the sun and enjoy a Cowboy Breakfast and a little bit of Nature....does a body good! So this post is more about life than the food. Every Province has its own distinct culture that goes along with it...and in Alberta it is definitely Oil and Rodeo...

  I have to post at least a couple video's of the day....the crowd and the contestants had an amazing time. Thankfully there were no major injuries to any of the contestants or cattle. Attendance was as good as last years...and next years is already in the works. Thanks to all the volunteers and staff of True North Ranch for giving the residents of Fort McMurray an amazing day!!