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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Global Garden Begins...

Ya Ya I know it has been a month since I actually posted...but life was busy. We enjoyed a bit of Texas and back to our own Oil Field...and are back into the swing of things at work and at I am back! I know I hadn't even realized I was gone.

 I have to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the people that have been sending me seeds for the "Global Garden" on the Rooftop of the Hotel. I have tried to email back all who have sent.
 To start it has snowed twice in the last week here. But I have alot of six days ago I broke out the starter trays and went on the hunt for the seeds. I bought some lil half popsicle sticks at the local craft store and went to work trying to label enough so that I could track all the seedlings. Ya... just that took a few hours lol. Then went out into the rare sunshine and went to work at filling all the trays and pokin lil holes for the seeds to drop into. The planting of the seeds was the quickest part of the whole process.There were over a thousand seeds...sometimes I wish I drank!!!

 So once I had the trays full of seeds I wondered what I was supposed to do next...It's too friggin cold out to leave them outside. If I move them into the house Sushi and Kalan (our cats) are either gonna eat them once they sprout...or piss on them thinking we bought them some new kinda indoor pisser! So I realized I cant keep them at home...maybe they would be ok sitting by the pool  at the's indoors..gets lots of sun..thats a plan. I carefully place them into the truck...not wanting to spill water and muck all over the upholstery (shoulda watered them AFTER the move!!). It may have been the slowest the truck has traveled since the farmers Wife owned it lol. Once at the hotel I went to Peter our Manager with my dilemma. His thoughts were that they would be destroyed by random people if left in the pool area...I agree'd. Which left us with another dilemma...where the hell are my thousand lil babies gonna go. Peter is a smart man!!! A Vacant Office...

 I moved all the trays into a previous sales office!! It had a wall of sunlight...and even better a baseboard heater...I cranked it. Now the Sawridge Inn has its own little hothouse. Went to the kitchen and grabbed some garbage bags to lay all over the desk...and started layin down trays. Viola instant Grow Room. Ran down to Canadian Tire and grabbed a lil one gallon sprayer that I didn't create massive spillage etc on this make shift grow table...or fry the computer that likes to turn on for some reason half way thru waterings. I was so excited to see if they would sprout...for a day or so I watered. Then.....

  There were lil sprouts poking out of the soil everywhere....every tray had dozens and dozens of new life!! I was freaking right out...anyone that passed was quickly sucked into the office to gander at them. It has actually been funny to see everyones reaction to the project. Every day I go in to water...and every day at least a half dozen people come in to see the progress...and dozens of others grab me in the kitchen to talk about it. The garden just makes people happy for some reason. Every day everyone has been amazed at the amount of would think none of us had grown anything before. Every day they jet up another inch....if you listen to people in the hotel its like listening to fishing stories..."then I walked by 20mins later and they had shot up another three". I am glad they are making people smile.

 I have grown way too many herbs on purpose...everyone seems to take such an interest in the garden...I will be able to give everyone the odd herb plant to grow at home.

 I have been going around to local Restaurants and Hotels...and hitting up their Chefs for 16L buckets. I am going to construct the planters out of two Buckets per Planter. I am also going to try out Straw Bale Planters...though just a couple. So next week will be filled with drilling out buckets and calculating how much soil I am going to need. With a lil plant watering thrown in for fun...haha

 Many thanks again to all that have helped make this all possible...the Summer will be full of cool updates. Cant wait to get to the pictures of what this Global Garden becomes on the Plate...


  1. Wow! this is a very good entry i like it. Will certainly visit your site more often.

  2. That global garden is just amazing...I thought I would bust a new one with the mention of bringing your plant babies home and your cats thinking it would a gift for them-too true!

    I know that you are going to keep us posted on your garden progress.

    Snow, snow go away!

  3. Love seeing the amazing growth everyday! But its so true! It does sprout quite frequently! I have the best seat in the house! The office directly across from it :) Keep up the great work!!

  4. Jen Lambert aka SisMay 10, 2010 at 1:09 PM

    Ken this is so cool, we are spending 6k on our hotels new herb garden...good for you!!

  5. Ahhh...but this is where your Brother is cheap. My garden will be much cooler than yours...hehe...and it will have cost less than a couple hundred bucks. Gonna have to start transplanting beans asap...they are over a foot tall in just under 2 weeks.