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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not so Wordless Wed....

 At the Sawridge Inn we are lucky to have a staff cafeteria. Every day the entire hotel staff can enjoy a free meal and spend a bit of time socializing with each other. It builds a sense of Family throughout the hotel instead of a bunch of separate cliq's . It's also a small break from the hectic day...

 We have a large Filipino influence in the hotel...which I love! Usually gathered around one of the larger tables...with Tupperware spread out its length. They pick and choose certain items out of the chaffing dishes...then add to what is provided with something they have brought from home. Each person at the table bringing one or two its to add to each others plates.

 I rarely eat a meal in there...but the Loo is also located I randomly get to gawk at their Daily Feast. Usually as I pass there are multiple offers to sit and try their local food. Usually I will scan the Tupperware and grab something out of it...then rush off to task at hand. With a quick Thanks..,

 Yesterday I had to stop..."What the Hell is that!!!"

 The reply was "Adidas!"

 Not of the shoe variety...but Chickens Feet. Yet again I was shocked. Where the hell did they even get the Chickens Feet from??? I have never seen them for sale anywhere in our Great Oil Patch. I admit I had to think a bit before I dove in and grabbed a pc. To my amazement....they were Freakin AWESOME!

 Gelo Palomo had been the Chef de Jour. He is one of the kitchens Shipper/Receiver's. On a number of occasions I have gotten to sample his food...and it is always excellent. It is always something simple yet flavourful. He is always willing to share the recipe and method. To be honest I think I eat more Filipino food than North American during the course of a week. Yet again "Jello" has gotten me to try something new and delicious...way to go Buddy!!


  1. Looks like something that should be served at at Halloween Party!