Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Beginning...


  1. Hi Ken;

    Re: Salt Grilled Salmon W/ Mooli Salad...

    Help!!! Please... Where do I find Bonito Flakes in Fort Mac? I now have all the rest of the ingredients sitting in the fridge ready to go.

    I was left with the impression from the article that all the ingredients were available locally.

    In order of store visit here's where I've tried without any luck:

    1. Superstore
    2. Safeway
    3. Save on Foods
    4. Import Connection
    5. Asian Mini-market
    6. Mediterrean store beside Fuji

    I've learned alot in the process and told many store clerks what I'm attempting to do and they all did their best to help. Danny at Save On even went to his Master List to see if he could special order Bonito Flakes for me...nope... not that it would help my radishes right now...

    So where do I get the Flakes?
    Lol... can I borrow a Tablespoon from you? :)

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. MJM,
    You sure can! I am bringing a pack of them to work with me today. Anytime between 11 and 9pm works today or tomorrow :)
    I think I got them at Import connection. Though awhile ago. I will ask him to get some more in - he is awesome that way. The only substitute I can think of would be to blitz some dried shrimp in a coffee grinder...that would give you the fishy flavour your looking for. Dont go that route though...just come grab some off me at the hotel. Ask for me at the Host stand and I'll run em out to you.

  3. Thanks so much Ken! I'm so excited to try your future recipes. You've created yet another reason to look forward to reading the Fort Mac Saturday Today. All the Best, MJM (Jo)

  4. Your Welcome Jo...glad to help. Have fun in Vancouver!