Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The People that Touch your Food!!

“The People That Touch Your Food” is the brain-child of creator Chris Hill. After spending the last three years working as a caterer at a mid-level Edmonton restaurant, he decided to turn his experiences into a webseries. Enlisting the trusty aid of his sidekicks and fellow filmmakers (Ryan Byrne, Nathan Brown, and Jesse Nash), the quartet has created a series sure to entertain and delight anyone whose ever had to serve another.
In the second season the staff may have saved the restaurant from the specter of Aunt Betty’s, but can they maintain its success in light of their own personal problems? Without someone to band them together, will they tear apart? Stay tuned to find out! 
They chose the webseries format because it gave them the most creative freedom as there are no limits on content, style, or length. It was also a natural evolution for them, allowing them the chance to create longer story arcs and narrative threads, while keeping  close to the short-film format they have been working in for the past several years. It’s also so that they can fit enough into each day, because they are shooting late nights, damn it. 
So enjoy the show, laugh, love, and maybe even learn.

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