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Monday, February 8, 2010

A Cooks Wife

I am a lucky man...I am in a career that usually kills most relationships!! I consider myself luckier than most because not only am I a cook ...but so is my Wife. Now I'm not talking about how my Wife likes to make me dinner every night...she actually works right along side me at the hotel. I thank my lucky stars for this fact daily. I work in the Banquet Department and Christina works on the Restaurant Line. The fact that we are both in the same industry makes both of our lives a hell of a lot easier. 

 A cooks life is not as easy as the Food Network makes it out to be. We don't spend our days tasting wine and jetting around the globe in search of our next dish. We spend a minimum of ten hours a day in a hot, stinking, loud and stressful room with no windows and no outside noise. If we aren't in that room...we are in a cold frigid freezer or refrigerator. Music consists of a myriad of fans, several motors, steam machines, a few knives hitting their boards, foreign dialects and the chattering of a micro's printer. You leave the Kitchen to Smoke and to Piss. Your allotted a half hour lunch and two fifteen minute breaks...we dont take them!! We smoke!! Our life's consist of one thing...and its all consuming..FOOD!! 

                                                                                                    My Wife and I fell in Love over Food. I arrived on the East Coast to make Food...and she was the cook that taught me how to do their Style. We didn't much care for each other then...but we both got along ok I guess. She trained me to work the Night Line of the Hotel. She resented me (as would I) a lil because she was training me to be her boss. We both rose thru the ranks fast though and we both left as Chef de Partie's. By that point we had fallen in Love and were about to move to the West Coast. We have always worked with each other since...and truly love doing so. We loved the Mountains of British Columbia and now were loving the Oil Fields of Alberta. Were a package deal.
 We dont have to explain to each other about why were home six hours late...and have to be back to work in another six. Christina is more likely to offer to hop into Banquets and work an extra six as well. She knows the same stresses that I knows when to just let me sit in solitude and when to prod it outta me. She knows my quirks and how to use them! We compliment each other...
 Being in the same business has made our lives alot less stressful...and a whole lot more Fun!

  Were a wicked duo!!


  1. I am really enjoying your blog, Ken! keep it coming....I feel like I'm right there in the kitchen with the two of you! Sooo envious!!!! I miss the industry!

  2. Keep your blog in this way !! it's a nice one, and i know how much is hard too in kitchen because in December i worked 320 hours in a month :'( , you resumed very well the life in Kitchen :-) and hope for both of you, you are enjoy about what you do ! :D

  3. So the chef's life is not about being in a grand studio kitchen, dressed in designer clothes, perfect hair and makeup and smiling away while you cook? Huh! Seriously, I know it is a stressful industry to be in, but the fact that you get to work together and enjoy it is a real bonus. You're both truly blessed! It was a very heartfelt post and a real eye opener, not as glam as they make it out to be on these foodie programs and cook shows after all.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this, and you are so sweet. Both of you are SO lucky to be able to share your passion. Keep up the good work on your blog, and I love the header! ;)

  5. This post really was sweet and we truly do compliment each other. See you at work.

  6. Screw work...see ya in the Sack!! :)

  7. chef anthony Fong/ Cape BretonJuly 2, 2010 at 9:04 PM

    Great reading.