Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kefir Update

Just a quick note to let you know how the experiment is going. I had three going.....I now have two. The Milk Kefir is now producing...the grains are nice and plump (growing even). I strained my first batch last night and replaced the milk....It was fairly thick like it should be. I didn't drink this batch...I am going to let it produce a few batches before I start consuming it. I added about a quartre cup more of milk this time...I will keep upping the milk content till the little guys are producing about 750mL a day. I washed the grains once I strained the kefir off...apparently this is a no time I will leave some of the curd on them when switching milk. I am going to buy some whole milk and goats milk this week...they will produce better flavours  I think.

 As for the Water Kefir with just Sugar and Water in it.....a big no go...the grains were looking very sad. So I ended that experiment and put the grain into the Milk experiment....and it is now happy and growing.
 The flavoured Water Kefir seems to be doing well...I think the grains may actually convert from what they were (Milk Kefir) to Water Kefir grains. I switched the liquid out for fresh Water, Sugar, Lemon and Fig.
 Let the experiment continue......


  1. 24hrs later...the Milk Kefir is almost the consistency of yogurt. Wooohooo ... alive and thriving they are!!

  2. Ok another 24hrs later...I have switched the water solution on the Kefir I am trying to convert...seems to be doing fine.
    I have switched the milk on the Milk Kefir ... I am now using "Whole Goat's Milk". I think it will be a much nicer flavour in the end.