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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Experiment Gone Wrong Already!!!

 So the experiment has blown up in my face already.....there was a mix up between my Father and I. He had actually dehydrated and mailed Milk Kefir Grains...NOT....Water Kefir Grains!!
 So the experiment is getting more interesting now. I have pulled 2 Grains out of the Brew I made this morning...and transplanted one of them into a simple water and sugar mix (Pops thinks the Lemon and Ginger may have harmful effects on them)....and the other I have placed into half a cup of 1% milk. The remainder of the Grains are still in the Lemon/Fig/Ginger Water. So my single experiment has now turned into Three!
 It will be interesting to see if the Milk Kefir Grains convert to Water Grains....and which of the Water Grains survive and thrive quicker...the one in the simple sugar solution...or the one in the flavoured.
 Hopefully I have not harmed the Milk Kefir Grains by submerging them into a Sugar Solution for the past ten hours!!
 I`ll keep ya posted.
 Till next time.....

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