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Friday, February 19, 2010

A Sweet Tooth

So here is the second installment of the "Chefs of Fort McMurray". I decided to do Candace Cheney who has a home based business called "Nice and Sweet" as well as being the Pastry Chef at the Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre. I chose Candace for a million reasons...but mostly because she maintains my "Girlish Figure" with oodles and oodles of sweet things.

Alot of people in town have contacted me thru various means to ask if I could make a cake for "such and such" reason...I suck as a baker...I can do it, but my male "lack of patience" does not allow me to do it well. Candace on the other hand Rocks at it...and she is the person  I always hand people off to. She pushes the limits daily...and it shows in both appearance and taste in her work.

The final reason for doing her Bio is she doesn't get mad at me when I say "Nice Shitter!" hehe

 You can contact Candace for all your Baking needs at : or 780-715-5064

Name: Candace Diana Cheney
Age: 26
Position: Pastry Chef
Company: Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre / Nice and Sweet

Where did you attend Culinary School / or did you??
College of the North Atlantic in St Johns , Newfoundland. But I have been in the business since I was 14!

What did you find most difficult about this training?
Bread....not because it is hard to make, and I do it well....but because I dont have the patience to let it rise!!  I love bread.....mmmm!!!

Where did you cook growing up?
This little bakery in my hometown in Newfoundland called the "Treat Shoppe".....tiny little hole in the wall but boy did I love  it!

What made you decide to be a Chef?
My mom....she always had dinner on the table and I loved to help ever since I could see over the counter......and also, my easy bake oven....who knows how many of those lights I burn't out because I was always at the damn thing!!!

What is one of the funniest "Kitchen Incidents" you can recall?
Making gingerbread porno for a bartender at the hotel......cant leave gingerbread men alone for very long you never know whats going to happen!!

Best piece of advice for someone just starting out in this Industry?
You have to have a sheer passion for what you do, if you dont....forget it because it will relay into what you are making and trust me.....people will feel your lack of passion in the food....or taste it rather....

Your best piece of advice for a Novice Cook? 
Always keep learning!!  Try something new everyday, even if it fails!!! Sometimes the best tasting thing comes from a crazy outerspace idea!!!

Would you do it all again?
Hell yes!!!  wouldnt change a damn thing!!

What is your Least Favorite thing about your job?
Bagging cookies..........ugh....kill me......

What is one of your favorite Kitchen Horror Stories?
Doing a dinner for the Chefs Ball in kid was in such a rush he was carrying a sheet pan over his shoulder, like a server...and he smacked the corner of the fridge as he was going in...the sheetpan smacked him in the face and ripped out his eyebrow ring........ouch....I am glad mine got ripped out by a hairstylist because I dont think I could have taken that pain!!!!!

At home what do you like to eat? Honestly!
Really??? Hnestly???? "Toast"....I love freakin do you think I feel now that I cant have it!!! rice cakes dont cut it man!!! (Candace just found out she is allergic to flour...a Pastry Chefs nightmare come true!)

What is your Favorite Dish?
I have Nanny's fresh Blueberry Panna Cotta (Newfie Blueberries of course), my Mom's Sex in a Pan and her Hashbrown Casserole.....what?? I am a sucker for my childhood comfort foods!!! Aren't we all??? Now i am hungry.......damn.....

Favorite Job?
I would have to say the Sawridge...No, I am not ass kissing, but I have been there forever and I love the people I work with!!  And I love the creative freedom I get!!

What is your favorite Gadget?
My airbrush that my Hsband to be got me for christmas!!!

How many years have you been in the Industry?
12 years...going on 13

What is your Favorite Cookbook?
Dessert Johnny Luzzini!

Future Plans??
Would love to work with Bromwen Webber and Johnny Luzinni! A stage ("stage" is working for free just to learn) with either one of them might be nice.....who am I kidding it would freaking rock!!!!!


  1. I love Candace's buns

  2. Of course you do Jerico...haha...I know it's you!! Perfect response from a husband to be! ;)

  3. you heard her ken..

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