Monday, January 18, 2010

So we all survived Brunch yet again. With the Aid of Coffee of course!!! The day started out slow...Nick helped with panning some meats while doing his normal morning Buffet. Larry(aka Monty) got the line ready...and during Brunch he has been working a Pasta Action he got all his Sauces warmed and his Mise ready for that. Jesse arrived and got all the cold items ready...he rocks our Garde Manger Dept (GM). Lola our Pastry Girl arrived and got all the Desserts ready. Ibrahim and Paran started cleaning the stuff left from the night before...they are a great pair...never complaining and always ready to help. Billy our Exec Sous Chef arrived and got Monty's station set for him....then went to work on Todays order.  I am the Hot Food. As I said...the morning started out's usually a crap dont know how many people you are going to do...this town is famous for not making any reservations. Then 11am hit and WHAM!!! Full restaurant and more food more food....everyone gets a lil more tense...a lil more bitchy (oh ya)...and speed is the key! Today it was Scrambled Eggs, Bennies, French Toast, Hash, Sausage, Bacon, Honey Glazed Hams, Jerk Pork Loin served with a Wild Rice Pilaf, Citrus Marinated Catfish w/ a Garam Masala Roasted Potato, Caribbean Mango Chicken w/ Buttermilk Country Mash, and the usual Fruit and myriad of Salads and Cold items.....
 Brodie arrived in the thick of things...always a helping hand when needed.
 We ended up doing 199 in 3hrs...which for January is a decent number....all survived...we didn't run out of anything (though at the end we were running out of Billy was hand cutting some...and we had Pancakes ready because we were about to run out of Eggs lol)...but we made it thru.
 Smoke breaks had by all whenever possible...
 Once the rush was over I switched to making Jiggs Dinner for the Evening Salt Beef, Spuds, Carrots, Turnip, Cabbage, A few Roasts, Split Pea Soup, Mussels and Alaskan King Crab.......Done and out by 3pm.
 Then grabbed Christina (the Wife) to hunt for Milk Kefir in the stores...they were carrying it...but now not so much....I had no luck!!

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