Thursday, January 21, 2010

 So we broke down and bought a Wii Gaming System a couple weeks ago. Now I haven't played with video games since the 80's. I had a Commadore 64, and it took forever just to load a game. We do have an original Atari in storage though...complete with all the coolest games ever. So we went on the hunt for the Wii right after Christmas...Big Mistake!! Were in Northern Alberta and every system has been sold...restocks have not arrived. Then by chance we were at the local Video Rental Centre and Voila...the last remaining Wii in Fort McMurray was glaaring at me...didn't matter how much...We bought it!! Then began the hunt for the Wii Fitness Plus game (the original reason for buying the Wii). No luck everywhere we went. I am persistent though and eventually found one that was returned after the Christmas rush.
 Now buying a video game to exercise just did not make sense to me. Being cooks our schedules are usually never the same...and getting to a gym isn't exactly easy daily. So this seems like a great alternative if it works. She has been semi-fit sporatically while we have been together. I on the other hand am the type that everyone hates...I have not set foot into a gym since my Army days...and I truly believe a box of donuts a day is required to maintain my girlish figure. So,  everyone else seems to be doing it...we might as well jump off the bridge too. We have no gaming experience...and it doesn't have fifty thousand buttons you have to I guess I can do it. After our first day we were hooked...

 Every Morning I get to watch my Wife Christina exercise now. As I type she is movin that imaginary hula hoop round and round and She is actually losing weight with it too...she's lost 8lbs in two weeks..kinda freaks me out. Her goal was to lose twenty pounds and mine is to gain twenty. Now it's not just the Wii...we also are trying to eat healthier..except for my box of donuts hehe. Christina probably spends an hour a day at least doing all kinds of things on it. I had the flu and stopped for the past few days...I am dreading getting back on it. I know it is going to give me shit for not doing it the past few records everything.
 We own no normal video games for it...just fitness programs. The fav's to date are Wii Fit Plus, My Fitness Coach, Yoga (thats me) and the Gold's Gym Cardio Workout....all have a myriad of activities and sports to play. Some track your food intake as well as your exercising. All are good for matter how much of a spaz you feel like while flailing around in the empty livingroom.
 So were sticking to it...tonight I will break down and do some Yoga and Meditation with my perfect bodied lil digital trainer...tomorrow I will be sore in places I am not normally sore...and my Wife will be happy I am doing it again. Fitness sucks...why cant I just eat pounds of Butter and Chocolate!!


  1. PS...dont kill me for putting pics of u exercising on the Net!!! xox

  2. He's right it works. I am currently down 10 lbs know the eating healthier is also a major contribution, I haven't had any major intake of junk food in weeks, that part sucks and takes major will power. I also haven't felt good the last few days so that has probably contributed as well, but for the most part its the wii and healthy food. I belieave the only true way to lose weight is burn more calories than you take in, now by no means do mean starve yourself. Eating is a favourite hobby of mine, just be more aware of what you eat. I don't mind you posting the picks as long as I am losing and not gaining. lol

  3. And You Still use it..:) good for you :)