Saturday, January 16, 2010

Well that's a couple recipes for today. Everyone should try the Pancit...I love the stuff...thanks Carlito and Rey. Rey's version was for two hundred I posted the a generic list of ingredients.
Today I am covering for Darren ( our Newf Roomate) will be doing the Dinner Buffet for the hotel. No clue what he has prepped yet...
Tomorrow moring I do the Sunday Brunch...usually the only morning shift I work.

By the way I am the Banquet Chef de Partie at the Wife works the Night Line for the Restaurant....I cook for hundreds...she cooks for tables!!


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  2. I have also a recipe about Langoustines and angel hair pasta, i actually doing it at my restaurant as Mise en bouche, i will explain you when you'll come in France in April ;-)